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Your return to El is more complicated than planned: a vision is shaking up your daily life. Mathieu is hiding something from you and you count on finding out what!


>> <<Reencontros

>> <<Reunion

After your return to El, you have an upsetting vision. According to Ophelia, it will happen and is unavoidable. You try to find a solution all while solving urgent problems with the Guard. The vampires of Yaqut have asked for the Guard’s help. You’ve been sent with Nevra, Karenn, Chrome, Mathieu, Leiftan and Lance to answer their call.

You’ll be able to find the common Shau’kobow companion in the shop!


Note: You can win up to 4 illustrations. To win the illustrations of the other Crushes, be sure to enjoy a single episode replay!


Lezárt beszélgetés

Oldalak : 1